Saturday, January 25, 2014

Feminist Theory

Patricia Hill Collins argues that black women atomic number 18 uniquely set in that they stand at the focal point where both exceptionally powerful and prevalent systems of burdensomeness come unitedly: race and gender. be able to discover this position as something she calls intersectionality opens up the possibility of seeing and spirit many to a greater extent spaces of cross-cutting interests and how different systems of subjugation interlock. It is much easier to think of myself as crush than it is to think astir(predicate) the ways in which I am invested in systems of burdensomeness. For example, as a woman I see sexist oppression on a daily background in my family, in school, the workplace, on the streets, etc. However, I am also white, heterosexual, and non disabled which means I give way access to enormous privileges and advantages that homosexuals, disabled people, and people of color are routinely denied. So, while I am oppressed in accredited ways , my identity is invested and perhaps even socially constructed, in copulation to the systems which oppress the aforementioned subordinate groups, because I am benefitting from those systems of oppression in various ways. Because we live in a heteronormative society, creation a heterosexual woman affects my life chances by devising me part of privileged society. I have the function to mother married, which is economically and socially beneficial. Because being married involves the manduction of incomes, a married couple can achieve a high gear income which in turn could achieve a higher socio-economic class level. A higher class level entails fracture opportunities, much(prenominal) as better education for my children and an overall grapheme of life. Being a heterosexual woman would make it wanton for me to serve up school events for my children without being stigmatized.If you want to get a entire essay, order it on our website:

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