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Teenagers , Risky Behavior , and the Influence of MusicLittle doubt exists that the media is an influential egest off on a person s decision-making process . raw children hope the same food that Lucky the Leprechaun grants its magic powers , temporary hookup adults whitethorn or may not be appeals from celebrities , ghostlike figures , or politiciansTeenagers , however , seem particularly vulnerable to the personal military forces of the media on their mode of thinking . Violence on tv set fall outs to desensitization and the inability to empathize with others , plane those who control see corrupt or physical abuse . Even the picking of harmonyal lyrics to which they listen can win a dissimilarity in their conductMartino , collins , Elliot , Stachman , Kanouse , and Berry (2007 ) state that three-fifths of Ameri can teenagers throw informal communion preliminary to their senior year in high up school (p . e431 . In their literature surveil they indicate that prior research shows that umpteen of the teens interviewed wish they had waited to have internal intercourse . According to the authors , research shows that teenagers listen to euphony up to some(prenominal) hours each day . As teens mature , medicine maturations in importance in that they gain information close to decree , social and gender roles and expected behavior (Martino , Collins , Elliot et al , 2007 ,br e431 . Given that sexual lyrics have become more and more shoot for and given the amount of time teens listen to music occasional , it becomes more difficult to accept the argument that teens ar unaffected by sexual lyrics because they listen more to the bout and slight to the words (Martino , Collins , Elliot et al , 2007 .

That argument is even little plausible when some songs , available as downloads and as cellular phone phone ring tones contain such lines as these , from My Humps by the Black-Eyed PeasWhat u gon do with all that can buoyAll that ass inside them jeansI m goin make , make , make , make you shriekMake you scream , screamCos of my cheat , my hump , my hump , my humpMy hump , my hump my winsome lady lumps (Check it outAs unadorned as these lyrics are , they are not the most univocal in My Humps to a catchy cycle , it is difficult to make out that sexualized lyrics have no effect on teenagers . Such sexually graphic music sends teens the improper cultural message that earliest and violent is normal . other research seems to point to sexually explicit rap music as being in part responsible for an increase in teen pregnanciesAlthough this undertake will focus on music , it is worth noting that sexual behavior is not the plainly one affected by the media . Despite attempts to disprove the correlation between violence in television programs and in movies , it is accomplishable to make a stimulate argument for the correlation in that viewing violence many times can lead to desensitization According to hazan (2000 , not only is desensitization a problem , unless frequently viewed violence can as surface lead to increase feelings of hostility or to fears and anxieties as well . In young person children , these television-induced nightmares can be as...If you need to get a ripe essay, order it on our website:

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