Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Maggie A Girl Of The Streets

cartridgegies condition through extinct the novel is forced upon her by things outside(a) of her control. She has a crush on a boy, like legion(predicate) another(prenominal) girls do at her age, but is too naive to the land to understand his intentions. Her family is mad because they believe she is quietudeing around. While she is truly safe an innocent young girl with a crush. These misunderstandings intensify to the menstruation that Maggie is kicked out of her home. The rumors that are spread about her accordingly frustrate her from returning. Maggies situation provoked her to do things that she normally wouldnt grow do in order to survive on the streets. As a young girl with a crush Maggie is tout tout ensemble blind to the real truth. When she first observes Pete her thoughts are clouded Maggie see that here was the beau ideal of a man.  Her dim thoughts were ofttimes searching for far away lands where, as God says, the short(p) hills verbalize together in the morning.  Under the trees of her dream-gardens there had incessantly walked a lover. (Crane pg.19) Pete doesnt want to date Maggie per say, he just wants to sleep with her. He shows this when he says Im stuck on yer shape Mag. (Crane pg.19) When her start tries to break her that Pete isnt adept for her she gets upset, because she truly isnt doing anything im clean.
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Maggies mother doesnt understand that Maggie is a moral girl, which increases the latent hostility between her and her family. Even though Maggie is a sodding(a) her family suspects differently, just because she goes on dates with Pete. Her mother professes her feelings about Maggie ! by precept Yehve gone teh deh devil, Mag Johnson, yehs knows yehs have gone teh deh devil.  Yer a assault teh yer people, squat yeh.  An now, informer out an go ahn wid dat doe-faced jude of yours.  Go teh underworld wid him, damn yeh, an a good riddance.  Go teh hell an see how yeh likes it. (Crane pg.30) Her mother believes that she is engaging in unholy acts. Maggie is kicked out of her house, but goes to rattling with Pete. Maggie feels that her...If you want to get a honorable essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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