Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Two men George and Lennie arrive in California and lapse true friends and George eventually find bring out Lennie has bats retartadation. George gets disgusted one time when he sees that Lennie is carrying a deadened sponsor and throws it so he wouldnt catch a disease. The 2 thus find work, where they relate a parcel of separate people. on that point is sightdy an emeritus opus that doesnt hand over a legislate and a old dog. There is curley, childlike and precise genitive and jealous of hs new wife who is very womaniseatious. And Slim a wheel driver that has a lot of authority on the ranch. George eventually admits that him and Lenny are not cousins yet very good friends. sweeten eventually lets go of his old dog to be killed and Slim gives one of his new puppies to Lennie. lastly Candy everyplace hears George and Lennie sloping rough there dreams of buying territory and offers his kick the bucket savings if he can live on the land with the two. One time when frizzy was going on a rampage looking for his wife and needed to someone to cut out his anger on he picked Lennie. They get into an fray and Lennie ends up breaking his hand. curled is warned by Slim that if he tries to get George or Lennie laid-off then he would be the laughing-stock of the whole ranch. One daytimelight while the other man were out Lennie was left with Candy on the ranch.
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Curlys wife begins to flirt with Lennie, she tells her she is dissapointed, and wishes she followed her dream of being an actress. She lets him encounter her hair later on Lennie tells her that he likes to pet so ft affairs only he accidently breaks her ne! ck in the process. Scared, Lennie runs back to the salinas river George said to meet at if they ever got in trouble. Once George finds him there he tells him he wasnt mad at him for doing a bad thing. He then begins to talk about how one day they would own their own produce and as the lynch company gets closer and George is telling Lennie about the rabbitts he would look after George eventually take out a gun and take up Lennie in the back of the head. When the lynch...If you take to get a exuberant essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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