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1 . According to Pyne (not personal opinion , how have place 911 government responses affected wrong and discrimination against Muslims , Arabs , and related basesS . Pyne in the essay Making Enemies has indicated that governmental responses to the 911 tragedy has served to increase the supposal and villainy that Ameri push asides have toward tocopherol Asian and Muslim persons . In fact , the author cites several scholars who have theorized that the actions of the government has done with(p) more to stir up biases against the Arabs than the incidents of family line 11 did on their own p 2 . One example of Orientalism is the complain that Asian cultures are backward and have no ken of their rich culture and history Another example of Orientalism is the imperialism that promoted a strong dichotomy between the two geog raphical areas of eastbound and West . In this example , the exploitation of the East guide Orientalism . The line of separation drawn between these good deals and Europeans (or Westerners ) has the potential to ca-ca the culture and race of these others as inferior . This perspective would constrictive to inevitably lead to hate and in security posit (Said , 19793 . In amplification to the examples of tolerance identified in the obligate what else potty individuals do to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice in their towns and citiesSeveral ship canal exist in which people can promote tolerance and help discourage hatred toward other races , ethnicities , and cultures . Within the companionship a person can make an effort to trim down the businesses of those who might be considered minorities . This effort will make a public bidding of acceptance in the behalf of the members of that minority group . Other efforts can be made to include minorities by publicizing an d criticizing both display of intolerance -! via letters to the editor in foreman of the town news . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Such stories in the news may also extend to include exhortations that may encourage law-enforcement agencies as well as other government bodies to get select in diversity training effortsEven when diversity and tolerance issues be to be minimal for minority races , persons should also be wise to ensure that their community extend the same courtesies to gays and lesbians . This is especially imperative , as such persons are often made actual miserable because they are largely unaccepted in real societies . Further efforts at tolerance might include t he governance of multicultural centers which host multicultural events as a centre of community outreach on a regular basis (SPLCReferencesPyne , S (2003 . Making enemies : post-9-11 crackdowns spurring prejudice The Village Voice . July 9 , 2003 . Retrieved on September 6 2007 from http /www .villagevoice .com /issues /0328 /pyne .phpSaid , E (1979 . Orientalism . sensitive York : VintageSPLC (n .d . Fight hate and promote tolerance .org Retrieved on September 6 , 2007 from http /www .tolerance .org /101_tools /community .htmlPAGEPAGE 2 After 9-11 ...If you loss to get a full essay, high society it on our website:

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