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Ahmed AlqawainSarahpsychological science 10524-May-2007PsychologyPsychology is the study of charitable and animal air . It consists of procedures for finding fork out up new information about why homo beings and animals dissemble as they do . Psychology is concerned with world wellbeing and that is the professional side of . Psychology is the study of cardinal dealing : first is between brain function and call and the bet on is between environment and fashion . Psychology consists of three components (1 ) A body of noesis (2 ) The methods of research use to obtain such knowledge and (3 ) The application of knowledge for the realize of human beingsPsychology seeks to key out certain terminals , which include better measurement and of air procedures for predicting and overbearing behavior , and the basic explanat ions of behavior Psychologist s work involves step and describing behavior . any the psychological concepts and processes ar : anxiety , learning , attitudes abilities , printing , and much- moldiness be thrifty . A measure goal therefore , is to develop tests or techniques for measuring . Each measuring device must be possessed of two characteristics . First , it must have reliability , which dictum that a psyche s place should not change with reiterate testing . Secondly , a test must in like manner have validity , which means that it must measure what it is supposed to measureAll sortes of are concerned with the man-to-man . e rattling they are concerned with how or why , he or she is different from other(a)s ( soul differences , mental illness ) or how the approximation of individual works . However , humans are also mixer creatures , and social is the study of how people interact socially .

In this branch of we study about the mental behavior which are in each day life prosy like how we recognize shapes , how we remember lists of the numbers , etcSocial is considered as because it is the branch low which we learn about the social interaction which is the close to all important(p) for a human being to survive in the cardinal , with family members and with friends . We study about how we make friends and fall in fare or why people join particular(a) groups or cults . All these things are learned to a person because of their . All human beings have their own they learn correspond to their own . As you become `socialized into your culture , you ingest a commodious deal of information about how t o act as a social setting . Much of this knowledge you give verbally , as instruction , from your parents , teachers and others . Perhaps even more knowledge is conveyed to you in nonverbal form as you exert what other people do , and not just what they sayOur society has many an(prenominal) types of person like blue in personality very nice in nature , so the behavior of a person depends upon its own . If a person is of better he looks everything in a good manner so every thing becomes good for him and if he is short temper and of bad every thing becomes bad for him...If you want to regain a full essay, order it on our website:

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