Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pets In Hotels

Domesticated animals are a mans best friend, and the ones that we care to holler front- scatners are the closest. We try to spend as much bestride as we can spoiling them in their short government note that they are here on this earth. According to a juvenile survey by Starwood Hotels and Resorts, “More than 75% of coddle owners would be to a greater extent loyal to a hotel that excepts favorites heretofore if they weren’t change of location with their pets” (1). Many people hate having to curb their beloved pet and boarding them in some kennel with people that they father’t even know while they travel to bob up to in a vacation. From personal experiences, I agree. I take that pets should be allowed to retard in hotels. There is a create of solid proof to backrest up this idea. If hotels would agree to let pets substantiation in the live with their owner it would increase their profit, cause the hotel cleaner, give the hot el to a greater extent guidelines, and it would patch up the customers want to translate because they would be happy. If hotels allowed pets to stay in the room along with their owners, consequently the income of the hotel would drastically increase. The hotel could charge about $75 extra for a pet to be able to stay in the room with the family. lot will agree that the extra $75 is worth it for Fido to be able to enjoy its vacation with the family. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The hotel could also run a special from time to time to let the pets stay for free. This would pose the hotel a lot more customers. Once the damage goes back to normal and they have more customers,! they will thence curb even more money. Once they have more money they can spend it on many things to make their hotel even nicer. “Pet hotels notched sales of $16.7 million in 2005, which two-fold the $8.7 million one year earlier. Pet hotels will buy the farm on to overall profit in 2008 as more are built and existing pet hotels attract more customers” (Wolf, 14). Everyone prefers to dwell in a clean hotel. Well, if pets are aloud to stay in the hotel, then the hotel will become...If you want to feature a full essay, order it on our website:

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